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  • *   What payment methods do you accept?

    For you convenience, we accept American Express, Discover, MasterCard and Visa.

  • *   What term subscriptions do you offer?

    We offer 3, 6 and 12 month subscription options.  For example:  If you order our 12 month subscription your child will receive a Welcome Box and Pen Pal mail for 1 year.  They also will receive our club member benefits by receiving FREE 2nd mailings (5x7) full color postcard every month.  That's a total of 24 mailings (12 mailings + 12 FREE postcards).  All subscription plans (3,6,12 months) are eligible for the FREE 2nd mailing.

  • *   HOw do I update my billing or payment information?

    You may login to your Pens Pals 4 Me account here to update any billing, payment or contact information.

  • *  Who are the pen pals?

    The pen pals are 6 fictional characters.  Emma, Dominic, Mimi, Olivia, Liam & Harper.  Children receive activity mail from their Pen Pal 4 Me character.  The program is  created by our CEO/Founder and Mom of two, Lisa Ann.  Each character has unique  interests, goals and hobbies.


    Your subscription will simply auto-renew for the same term at the end of your subscription.

    If you wish to end your subscription at the end of your term, please notify us (via Email) 30 days before your expiration and you will not be charged for any additional subscriptions.  Subscriptions are paid in full at registration and will auto-renew for the same term.

  • *  How do I order for siblings?

    Each Pen Pal 4 Me character  is created for one child. Some families choose to have siblings share a pen pal while others, give each child their own Pen Pal 4 Me character  to enjoy!

  • *  how do i cancel my subscription?

     If you wish to end your subscription at the end of your term, please notify us (via Email) 30 days before your expiration and you will not be charged for any additional subscriptions.

  • * When will my Pen Pals 4 Me subscription start?

    Orders placed on the 1st - 10th of the month will receive their Welcome Box mid month (approx. 15th) and your FREE 2nd mailer (5x7 postcard) by the end of that same month (approx. 30th).  Orders placed after the 10th of the month will receive their Welcome Box shortly after (approx. 20th) and the FREE 2nd mailer (5x7 postcard)  by the end of that month (approx. 30th).  All future mailings follow a similar structure with deliveries twice a month.

  • *  Can I change my program or Pen Pal character?

    Yes, absolutely!   Please email us 30 days before your next mailing.  We can not replace mailings you have already received but we can adjust your program and Pen Pal 4 ME character to suit your needs.

  • *  What are the suggested ages for the programs?

    Pen Pals 4 Me is best suited for children ages 3 years - 12 years.   We offer 3 fun programs.

    * Preschool Pals (PreK- Kindergarten)   * Amazing Authors (Kindergarten - 2nd grade)

    *  Jr. Journalists (3rd grade - 5th grade)    We would be more than happy to help you select a program, simply email us and we can suggest a program to start.

  • *  Can I return a Welcome Kit or Monthly Mailer?

    Unfortunately, Pen Pals 4 Me does not accept returns. If you have an issue or are unhappy for any reason, please contact us at info@penpals4me.com

  • *  How can my child be featured on social media or website?

    We are always looking to feature our Pen Pals 4 Me club members on all of our media outlets and website.  Photos can be shared on social media as well as E-mailed directly to our main office info@PenPals4Me.com . Thanks for sharing!!

  • *  How does the "Reward Card" work?

    The reward card is perfect and easy for children to track their mail.  In the monthly mailer members will receive 1 reward sticker to add to their reward card.  Once they have received 3 reward stickers, a prize will automatically arrive in their 4th mailing.  There is no need to submit the card or worry if you misplace it.  We will keep track with you and send your prize along.  Prizes may include stickers, Pen Pal 4 Me collectible trading cards and more.


  • * How will I know my package has shipped?

    Tracking  information and shipping updates will be provided in the notes section of your

    on-line account with Pen Pals 4 me.

  • *  What carrier do you use for shipping?

    Pen Pals 4 Me uses the United State Postal Service.

  • *  Do you ship internationally?

    At this time, we only ship in the continental United States also including Hawaii and Alaska.  If you would like us to ship Internationally please contact us at info@penpals4me.com

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